izumi Finance (IZI) Coin

IZI is the native token of izumi Finance, a multi-chain Liquidity-as-a-Service(LaaS) provider on Binance Exchange.

What is izumi Finance Coin?

Multi-chain Liquidity-as-a-Service Provider on Binance Smart Chain

izumi Finance is a platform providing liquidity as a service with Pancake Swap and Binance Exchange and a built-in multi-chain dex. Izumi Finance proposes innovative liquidity mining protocols to help protocols attract liquidity efficiently by distributing incentives in certain price ranges.

Izumi Finance is backed by IOSG Ventures, Everest Ventures Group (EVG), Cadenza Capital Management, Fenbushi Capital, GSR Ventures, CyberX, HashKey, Nansen, and more.

Why choose $IZI Coin?

Liquidity as a Service

izumi Finance provides “Liquidity as a Service” (LaaS) based on Binance Exchange, designed to solve two problems: incentive inefficiency and pool 2 dillema.

izumi solves “pool 2 dilemma” problems by providing structured-incentive and auto-rebase modules, which could attract more liquidity with low emission rate for protocols while enabling non-impermanent liquidity mining for liquidity providers. (Pool 2 dilemma - high APR liquidity mining incentives in pool 2 usually brings high inflation rate and sell pressure)

izumi enhances incentive efficiency by supporting “non-homogenous” Binance Exchange liquidity mining and enables protocols to distribute incentive rewards in certain price ranges. E.g., Stablecoin pools only pay out incentive rewards within a narrow price range (0.99,1.01).

Cowndown Binance Launch Pool

Price Listing: 01 IZI = 0.04 USDT

Minimum amount sent to Binance is 500 $IZI


Support: Metamask, Trustwallet

Refer and Get 60% of all Claim & 40% of BNB

Get instant tokens

Purchase Tokens

0.01BNB = 4000 IZI

1BNB = 400,000 IZI

0.04 USD (price listing)

Invite By

Invite Link Required (You need to hold at least 1 token)

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